Diversity and its role in human resources

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Kathy McKean

Phase 2 Individual project


Professor Bernier

March 4, 2013

I am going to be discussing the cultural aspects of McDonald’s on of the biggest fast food corporations. McDonald's’ got it all started in 1954, right after the Korean War ended. Back in those days America had just began it to rise from simple days in time to fast cars, fast food, and drive thru. It seemed like no one actually wanted to stop for sleep or even cook a down-home southern meal! Originally, McDonald’s was just a small barbeque joint, which was located in San Bernardino, California. Dick and Mack decided to close the barbeque place and start selling hamburgers. McDonald’s prides Thiers elves in their mission Statement: “Our goal is quality, service, cleanliness and value for each customer, each and every time.”(McDonald’s 2009)

In addition, this to me is a cultural change the barbeque business went south for the winter. Then they adapted or made changes to their business so it will survive the economy and with stand to the end of time. This was a great move to keep their business booming and their customers returning as well.

McDonald’s they are moving from awareness to action. The goal is to have people within our organization working and living to reach their full potential. We believe that leaders hold themselves accountable for learning about, valuing, and respecting individuals on both sides of the counter. At McDonald’s, diversity and inclusion is part of our culture – from the crew room to the Board Room. They are working to achieve this goal every day by creating an environment for everyone to contribute his or her best. In McDonald’s workforce, 70% are women /minorities are employees in the United States of America. Franchise owners of McDonald’s are also 45% women.

MacDonald’s restaurants are always strived to be better tomorrow than they are today. This, more than anything, speaks to who McDonald's is as a...

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