Diversity and Human Behavior

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, United States presidential election, 2008, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: May 14, 2011
Diversity and Human Behavior Checkpoint

Race, Ethnicity, and Gender have a vast affect on today’s society. Below I will explain how stereotypes and cultural expectations play a major role on society’s views today.
I believe that gender affects today’s society as a whole in a number of ways. In today’s society, gender stereotypes still play a major role. Many stereotypes such as, “men are more physically aggressive where as a woman would show guilt and choose to relate with the victim” or “Men attract women with money and women attract men with appealing looks.” Have an effect on many men and women today. It is my belief that men feel it is necessary to appeal more dominant and feel the need to suppress true feelings to avoid being protrude as feminine. Cultural gender expectations also play a major part in affecting society as a whole. Men being the breadwinner and woman taking on the role as a “housewife” used to be the typical American family in the past. Although that has changed and many American families are now dependant on two incomes with both parents working, it is still the assumption that men would bring home the primary income and a woman would take on the extra responsibility to maintain the household and children.

Like Gender, I also feel that race and ethnicity affects society as a whole. Although times have changed drastically and minorities now have many rights that once were only a hope, it appears that they are still struggling to close the gap of opportunity that still exists today between the majority population and the minorities. Many stereotypes of the past relating to Hispanics and African Americans such as, “Hispanics are illegal and African Americans are criminals” still have an effect on society today. Racial profiling still plays a major role in our law enforcement today which, in my opinion, causes tension between separate ethnic groups in America. An example could be America’s Border Patrol. The Border Patrol...
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