Topics: Homosexuality, Culture, Melting pot Pages: 5 (1530 words) Published: September 2, 2013
This paper will explore my philosophy of diversity. Since I live in the United States, the paper will focus on the United States’ diversity. In the course, ORG6499: Cultural Diversity & Individual Differences we have done multiple discussion journal reflections which relate to diversity. The paper will relate those discussions to my philosophy of diversity. A few of those discussions focused on the United States diversity and it appears that America’s diversity would be pluralistic and Mosaic in nature, which will be discussed a little further in detail. In the course we have also experienced a cultural plunge assignment, which will also be used in the paper to relate and build upon my philosophy of diversity. The Civil Rights Movement along with the Gay Rights Movement and homosexuality will be discussed as part of my diversity philosophy as well. This paper will also consider how being conscious about your own personal philosophy can help you communicate better with others.

Diversity Philosophy
Diversity is the elements or ways that people differ from one another; race, ethnicity, personality, sexual orientation, income, religion, location are a few examples (Butcher, 2010). Diversity is everywhere in the world today, and especially in the United States. The biggest part of diversity is learning to embrace and accept it. Diversity is about opening our minds to people, cultures, and opportunities (Bucher, 2010).You must do your best to understand all diversities and cultures to the fullest especially since America is the Mosaic of cultures and diversity is prevalent everywhere (Parrillo, 2011). A person can grow by accepting others even though they are different than themselves. Being American is about being diverse and living with diversity. Every diversity philosophy should include diversity philosophy should include embracing diversity. I am an American and I do embrace diversity, my diversity philosophy is to be aware of myself and others around me to understand those diversities to communicate better with others and educate other to promote acceptance. Journal Reflections/Discussions

America’s culture and diversity appears to be pluralistic in nature. Pluralism is when a number of cultures remain separate cultures inside a larger culture and is when cultural differences of individuals are acknowledged and preserved (Butcher, 2010). I feel that the American culture is primarily reflected by Pluralism because we have many different cultures inside the larger American Culture. The smaller individual cultures tend to remain intact; examples of this could be the Hispanic or Native American culture. The United States has human diversity that is explained both by the mosaic and melting pot metaphors. The difference with the two is that the mosaic is when parts of different cultures are used to make another culture; while the melting pot is when the cultures are melted together to form a new culture (Parrillo, 2011). The United States has been known as the melting pot for a long time, the Melting pot theory indicates that all cultures melt into one culture creating a new breed-the American (Parrillo, 2011). It would appear that the United States is actually more of a Mosaic instead of the well know Melting Pot. Through our culture we learn how to see the world (Parrillo, 2011). Reality Construct can dictate your perception of other people. When you belong to a certain culture, you may treat or perceive another culture in a certain way. The American Dream was build on hard work. Americans believe that those who can work should and feel that those who do not are lazy and taking advantage, those who do not have this in their culture may be looked at in a discriminatory way by someone who is American.

Cultural Plunge
The United States has not always accepted diversity as part of who they are. Lifestyles and values are shared from one generation to...
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