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Diversity Strategy
Building Diverse Workforces for Business Results
We partner with diversity officers to create strategies— built on a foundation of shared values and beliefs— that win top management’s highest commitment and drive business results.

A Comprehensive Diversity Strategy
WFD works collaboratively with your diversity council or other diversity leadership group to create a diversity strategy. If you don’t have a diversity leadership group, we’ll help you set one up. Whether you have an existing diversity initiative or are just launching one, we typically start with an assessment of the current state of diversity in your organization. Using your data or ours, the assessment identifies the progress that has been made or existing strengths on which success can be built, what needs to be improved, what barriers exist to the recruitment, retention, promotion, and engagement of a diverse workforce, and how diversity influences business results. We also take a careful look at what your human resources information and employee surveys say about diversity. We analyze the data and partnering with your diversity team, we present the results to your diversity council or senior management team along with recommendations for a one-anda-half to three-year strategy and establish a series of strategic agreements with action plans and measures. WFD builds a diversity strategy on six pillars that drive organizational change and align diversity values and beliefs with business goals. The initiatives that you undertake in each pillar are designed and structured to your unique business context and requirements. The pillars can always be tailored to your pre-existing diversity model.

Business Results

Diversity Values & Beliefs

Diversity Strategy

Our strategies have specific, measurable objectives with action plans to achieve results in six areas. Here are typical initiatives:

Committed Leadership • Move top management beyond simply
allowing and supporting diversity into full-fledged leadership

Integrative Infrastructure • Establish and develop a diversity council or re-vitalize the existing diversity leadership group

Intensive Communication • Communicate values and beliefs,
expectations about diversity, assessment results and actions, and other information that employees need to become committed to the diversity strategy and gain clarity about their role in advancing it

• Establish a business case for diversity
that galvanizes the organization

• Determine key roles and responsibilities
to fully integrate diversity across the organization

• Agree on a values-based diversity
strategy that adds to the growth of the business

• Create linkages to vendors’ and
customers’ diversity initiatives

• Promote successes in diversity to
targeted customer and labor markets

• Inform vendors about expectations for Rigorous Measurement • Understand employee needs, critical diversity issues, and how diversity relates to business success

Aligned Culture & Systems • Establish clear diversity values and beliefs that define the organizational culture

diversity and the business advantages of promoting diversity in their own organizations

• Establish measures and targets for
each key organizational unit to drive the achievement of business and diversity goals

• Assess the alignment between diversity
values & beliefs and the existing culture

Targeted Diversity Policies & Programs • Establish equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies

• Ensure that performance management,
career development, compensation and benefits, rewards and recognition, and other policies and systems are aligned with the diversity strategy

• Develop a system to monitor results
and refine action

• Provide recruiting, succession planning,
work-life, training, networking, and mentoring solutions to address critical needs

Other Standalone Diversity Services Offered by WFD:

• Executive...
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