Topics: Discrimination, Ku Klux Klan, Black people Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: May 10, 2013

The oxford dictionary (2012) defines diversity as a range of different things. Diversity may refer to someone’s unique and differences which makes them stand out in their own way which is different from anybody else. Individual characteristics like a person’s age, sex, nationality, ethnicity, status and so much more which makes individuals unique. Diversity is important to our society because it provides our society with unique and inspirational perspectives. Diversity can create new ideas and changes that can be beneficial to a society, or even the world, such as new ideas, knowledge, and better understanding of people’s culture, tradition and habitat. . In being tolerant towards one another it can help us to accept other cultures and even adapt to some of their ways into our society, like today’s society in London. We are such a diverse society with people from all over the parts of the world bringing and building ideas together. of diversity within the society is that new and exciting are brought into the community such as food, clothes, language and religion. Being and living in a diverse society means you have more access to vary of food, music, clothes and different languages. This is beneficial to us to learn other ways of cooking and dressing as we may get bored with the same items we have every day. Learning a new language is also good because it breaks down communication barriers and creates better understanding between people and groups of people. With music we may prefer to listen to other languages and styles of music than the ones we normally listen to, creating interest and prefer ability. Diversity can help build a better understanding of one’s religion. Britain being historically a Christian country has usually been tolerant in respecting people’s faiths, beliefs and religion. By being tolerant and respecting other people’s belief ensuring everyone has the freedom to practice their own religion creates better understanding and...

Bibliography: Oxford Online Dictionaries 2012 – www.oxforddictionaries.co.uk
Wikipedia The Online Encyclopaedia - http://en.wikipedia.org
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