Divergent - Veronica Roth. response to text essay.

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1.10 Response to text

Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Date Read: 10/01/14 - 16/01/14
Cultural Perspective: American
Critical Reputation: Winner of the Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Book Of 2011 Text Type: Novel


The novel “Divergent” written by author Veronica Roth is a thrilling story about the love and sacrifice of two teenagers (Tris and Four) living in dystopian America. This novel follows the hardship of citizens living in a community where everyone must be separated into groups called factions. The members of each faction must live their lives according to the value of their faction, whether it be Bravery for Dauntless, selflessness for Abnegation, knowledge for Erudite, honesty for Amity or peace for Candor. When each faction member turns 16 they must choose a faction they wish to live the rest of their lives in, whether they choose to remain in the faction of their birth or join a completely different faction is up to them. I found this novel to be very rich in important ideas or themes that can be closely linked to today’s world. Themes, such as love and sacrifice or separation of the social classes.

In this book I find it interesting how author Veronica Roth has managed to include today's ways of social separations into this novel and emphasizes it to a point that shows all the “flaws” that there are in the way in which today’s society judges and separates everyone into different rankings on the social ladder. The book shows that even though each faction is supposed to be equal to one another there is always one faction that believes they are better than the rest because they believe their way is the “right” way of life. The Erudite faction believes that knowledge is power and because they have more knowledge than everyone else that they are superior. The feeling of superiority becomes more than just a feeling for the character Jeanine Mathews, head of...
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