Ditf on Bangladesh Economy

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The 18th Dhaka International Trade Fair, (DITF)-2013 organized by Export Promotion Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh has been held at Sher-E-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka west side of Bangabandhu International Conference Centre during January 01-31, 2013.

The local producer in the remote areas of rural Bangladesh who does not have financial strength to participate in International trade fair will have the opportunity to display their products to the buyer from abroad at this fair. On the other hand, the overseas participants would have opportunity to display their products to the consumer of Bangladesh where domestic market of consumer goods is expanding. The foreign participants will also have the opportunity to display their state-of-the-art technology to the local producers and exporters. Besides, the participants will be able to identify business contacts with prospect of entering into subsequent business negotiations.

A fair is a large scale exhibition of products of arts, crafts , agriculture and industry to the visitors. An export fair or an international trade fair is a large gathering of international nature for the display of industrial goods to the foreign buyers to get them acquainted with the exportable items of a country. It helps a country to earn foreign exchange without which she cannot import such goods as are necessary for local consumption. It strengths economic ties between the host country and the foreign participants. Besides the people of the host country have an opportunity to know the quality of various local products and compare those with foreign manufactures. Position of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is making her export position consolidated in the competitive international marker, facing all kinds of challenges arising out of the globalization of the economy as well as trade. In the challenges world the economic scenario of the country has been steadily attracting the attention of the foreign butters due to the quality of export products and helping diversity of the exportable items. Background of the fair: The International trade fair was held on first December in 1995, in Dhaka. The venue was Sher-e-bangla nagar premises. It was under the supervision of Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau. Items of different countries including host country Bangladesh were exhibited. From this Dhaka International Trade Fair started its adventure. The initiative of Export promotion Bureau: The International Trade Fair has been taking place in the capital since 1995. Under the joint auspices of the Ministry of commerce and the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). To recall, the first export fair in the country was held at Cox's Bazar in 1976. Later it continued taking place regularly at Chandrima in the capital till 1986. After the interval of many years the Dhaka International Trade Fair is regularly being held at She-e-bangla Nagar with objective of projecting local products to buyers from home and abroad. The first DITF was held in an area of 12 lakh square feet. In the consecutive years the area was extended. The buyers, visitor and participants: The number of participants and visitors in the trade fair has been increasing every year. In 1995, a total of 68,665 people visited the fair. The number favorably increased to 25 lacs in the year 2003. The number of visitors increased further in 2004 despite a number of hartals by the opposition. A fire broke out in the fair premises, which causes concern among the participants. It gutted five stalls in the fair. In the last DITF many friendly countries such as India, china, Japan, East Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and other countries participated. They displayed models of their exportable products and availed themselves of the opportunity to popularize their products with importers from different countries. Exhibition of Bangladeshi products: As the host country, Bangladesh exhibited agricultural and other products. Bangladesh being an...
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