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Distribution of Condoms in Schools

By metro456 Jul 02, 2013 314 Words
Should Condoms be Distributed in Schools?

One of the most frequently debated topics is, Should Condoms be Distributed in Schools? The majority of people say yes and no. However, a seemly conclusion has to be attained.
Some say no because of the perception of support teenagers to have sex, but I oppose that opinion and signify they should be distributed in give instructions because unprotected sex risks young lives. The target at which teenagers be getting A.I.D.S is increasing and for most, sex is go through for the first time at an early age. Most teenagers do not take adequate precautions, thus they are risking unintended pregnancies and also increasing the potential of contracting A.I.D.S, and other sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.D.s).

Some people may also think that carrying ground away the decision of distributing condoms may change the minds of levelheaded, intelligent schoolchilds. However, this has no picture on those who get good grades, as they are much reluctant to have sexual relations since they are rivet and determined to have a good future. This also leads us to the cliché that ambition is the best form of contraception.

It has been published in The Gleaner that teenagers are being denied access to condoms by clinics, pharmacies and guidance counsellors. This should not be so, as guidance counsellors should never be judgemental, but give advice, talk to students ab pop sexual issues and be trustworthy as well. Turning away teenagers or depriving them of condoms prevents them from making the correct choices, as it is the amount of development and help we offer that leads them to the right choice.

So, condoms should be distributed in schools, but distributed with a message. It is important that all teenagers ingest responsible education about sex and relationships, as they carry to be aware of the risks...

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