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Distribution of Condoms in High School

By Samuel69 Feb 08, 2012 859 Words
Essay Type: Persuasive Essay

The distribution of condoms in schools can be a very sensitive action. On one hand it can be argued that it encourages teenagers to become more sexually active. On the other hand, a well laid out plan to combat the reality of sex amongst teenagers, by making condoms available in high schools; can help reduce the risks involved; Such a plan should include understanding teenagers, educating them, and coming up with creative ways to reach them on their level.

Teenagers experience sexual urges and may eventually act on those urges; reasons for which would be the release of hormones in their bodies. They become curious about sex and the different changes that their body is going through and try to attain information on sex through various methods, like talking to peers, the media, the internet and what they see on the streets. A teenager can be forced into sex because of peer pressure. The media leads them to believe that sex is fun and everyone is doing it. Most times the information that they receive on the streets, on the internet and from peers may be misleading; which influence teenagers strongly into having sex.

An educated decision is better than guessing. Education expands your knowledge and helps make informed decisions. Therefore educating teens about sex, lets them know what they are getting into. They should be educated on the dangers of having unprotected sex and its consequences, such as, contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), which can ruin their lives and cause embarrassment; an unplanned pregnancy which can cause a setback of goals or prevent them from ever completing them. They need to be taught how to protect themselves and be provided with the resources if they are sexually active or planning to have sex. Many persons believe, that condoms being available at high schools would encourage teens to engage in sexual activity. Condoms reduce the risk of STD's including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) transmissions and unwanted pregnancies. While it does not prevent these circumstances one hundred percent, apart from abstinence; it is the smartest and safest way to go. Therefore making condoms available to teens who are and those who may plan to become sexually active encourages them to protect themselves and make educated decisions and choices when having sex.

Once they are educated, some teens may still feel embarrassed and not want to go into a store to buy condoms or ask for condoms at their school clinics because of social stigma. When I was a teenager, I was very nervous going into a store to buy condoms, I felt like people were watching me and judging me and maybe would go back to tell my mother. Even though I probably should not have been having sex as yet, it was a choice I made, and I wanted to protect myself, but everyone made it feel so wrong. I rarely went into a store to buy condoms. I would most times steal it from my older sibling’s room or ask friends. The choice to use protection needs to be made as simple as possible. If this is done teens would not think that using, asking or buying condoms to be taboo. Making condoms available, without judgment or embarrassment should be creatively done to reach teens on their level. I say creatively because should teens be shy, they might not just walk up to a machine and get the condom while everyone is around. It should be dispensed in a toilet stall next to the toilet paper or in private places. Another way is handing out packages once a month; that would include information booklets and condom samples to every on in the school.

Sex among teenagers is a major part of our society today and almost impossible to prevent, what makes the difference is what we as parents, teachers, friends, and family do to help the situation. There is a demand for continuing sex education that will discourage early sexual activity. Implementing protection among adolescents who are already having sex is our business, we should face the facts, and stop making teenagers believe that condoms are wrong to have, when what they are really meant to do is protect. Effective STD, and pregnancy prevention programs, is one way which may help solve or reduce sex related problems that affect so many teenagers today.

Formal Topic Outline
Thesis Statement: A well laid out plan to combat the reality of sex amongst teenagers, by making condoms available in high schools; can help reduce the risks involved. Such a plan should include understanding teenagers, educating them, and coming up with creative ways to reach them on their level.

Strategies Used:
Free writing

I.Adolescent Stage
A.Teens and sex
1.Curiosity with sex
2.Obtaining information on sex

II.Educating Teens
A.Sex education
1.Education on sex
2.Consequences of unprotected sex
B.Condom Facts

III.Making Condoms Available
A.My experience
1.My feelings
2.My reactions
B.Judgment and embarrassment
C.Creatively available
1.Private dispensers

A.Summary of points
B. Restate thesis

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