Distribution Management

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The company which owns the ABBA brand, ASIA FILE PRODUCTS SDN BHD is the largest integrated stationery and officer supplies manufactured and distributor in Malaysia. An own brand manufacturer (OBM) in Malaysia of the ABBA brand, the company is the market leader in the country with 60 percent domestic market share. ABBA products are distributed through a network of more than 600 distributions, hypermarts and various other office suppliers.

The market
The main products under the ABBA brand include various types of filing system and table top stationery. Sophisticated and of high quality. ABBA products are targeted at the top tier consumer segment in both corporate and government sectors.

The companies which own the ABBA brand. Asia File Products Sdn. Bhd is the largest integrated stationery and office supplies manufacturer and distribution in Malaysia. An own brand manufacturer (OBM) in Malaysia of the ABBA brand, the company is the market leader in the country with 60 percent domestic market share. ABBA products are distributors, hypermarts and various other office suppliers.

Its export markets include 80 over countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Japan, Middle East, Asia Pacific and others, which together account for more than 85 percent of the company’s revenue. In order to strengthen its overseas presence, Asia File Products Sdn Bhd has to set up sales office in Germany, the United State, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Middle East.

ABBA is the largest filing manufacturer in Malaysia and the leading brand name in the country for filing and stationary products.
Besides manufacturing under the ABBA brand, the company is also the first choice of many reputed international companies for original equipment manufacturing (OEM).
ABBA’s competitiveness, excellent distribution system, marketing strength, reputable quality and loyalty to its business partners have gained the company recognition and respect in Malaysia and internationally.

A pioneer in the industry, the company invests intensively in the latest machinery and technology to purse innovation and efficiency. ABBA’s production facilities have passed the Factory Quality Assessment, by international assessors which is a stringent measure of the production capability and performance of a factory against proven quality principles.

The brand’s consistency and success has won it numerous accolades including the Super brands Malaysia Award in 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2008 and Best Quality Supplier Award 2008/2009.

The company started as a family-run bookshop in Penang in the 1960s. Within years of the bookshop’s success in retailing stationary, the company identified tremendous opportunity in venturing up the value chain to engage in the manufacture and distribution of its own line of stationary for both domestic and export markets.

In four decades, the company grew from strength to strength, adding new products lines and building up a strong distribution network along the way. Its sales increased steadily and by 1996, Asia File Corporation Bhd was listed on the second board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Four years later, it was promoted to the main board concomitant with rapid growth.

Today, the company runs several factories in different locations across Malaysia on a total land area of 48280 square meters. The company is headquartered in Penang, where the group has three factories at Permatang Tinggi, Bayan Lepas, and Sungai Pinang, while the major warehouses are located in Klang Valley and United Kingdom. It also runs a manufacturing facility in Germany that sits on a land area of 33840 square meters. ABBA’s distribution center are set up at strategic locations in Penang and Kuala Lumpur with more sales offices planned for Singapore, United Kingdom, the United State and Middle East.

The products
ABBA offers a wide selection of office stationary in terms of size,...
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