Distributed System Failure Types

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Distributed Systems
A distributed system is a computer system that consists of a collection of computers that share certain characteristics. The first characteristic that these computers share is the use of a common network. Another trait of this system is the computers share software that enables the computers to coordinate their activities, often across large distances. The sharing of system resources is another characteristic of distributed systems and those resources are usually available from an integrated computing facility. Fault Tolerance

In a distributed system, fault tolerance is something that needs to be taken into account to prevent catastophic situations and data loss. Fault olerance is simply the ability of a system to continue operating in the event of undesired changes to the external environment or internal structure of the system occurs. Types of failure

There are several key types of failure related to distributed systems. The first of these is hardware failure. Hardware failure refers to the failure of any single component within the system. The second type of failure within a distributed system is network failure. Network failure is the failure of any single link within the entire distirbuted system network. The third type of failure within a distributed system is application failure. Application failure occurs when an application stops working or fails to operate correctly within a distributed system. The last type of failure in a distributed system is the failure of synchronization. The type of failure occurs when data on different point of the system are not synchronized correctly. Hardware Failure

Within a distributed system there are many different types of hardware. If any one of the hardware components within a distributed system should fail, the failure could affect the distributed system as a whole. Taken in the most literal sense, individual keyboards, mice, monitors, and computers are all hardware and failure of any one of...
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