Distributed Information Systems

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YouthAction Case Study
You have been asked to develop a system and some applications to help manage parts of a charity, YouthAction. The charity is coming under pressure from their funders to demonstrate value for money and are keen to collect suitable data demonstrate how well each service it offers is running. YouthAction is a charity based in the south east of England that supports young people through a number of funded projects. Their main service is to provide adventure and outdoor projects or projects which help vulnerable young person to improve their life in some way. Many of the young people are from deprived backgrounds and many are at risk of committing crime. YouthAction has 45 full time employees working for it, either at its head office or at its service centres. Many of the local projects are run by volunteers overseen by one of YouthActions’s regional managers or service centre directors. There are three regional managers in total. Most service centres have a paid fulltime worker (normally known as the service centre director) dedicated to managing it. YouthAction have something like 25 different service centres throughout the South of England. Each regional manager looks after about 8 or 9 different services each. Service Centres

A service is made up of one or more projects based at one location. For example, a YouthAction Service Centre based in an old school in East London, runs a youth club, a series educational support classes, a drop-in centre, a teenage wellbeing clinic and an employment help desk. Each of these projects are funded separately. The centre is open 7 days a week and other youth groups use its premises to run their own activities. The centre is part funded by the local authority, as well as through charitable donations. Another centre, in a more rural part of the world, only runs one project, teaching young people how to become motor mechanics. This project is funded by a major car manufacturer based in the area through...
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