Distributed Databases

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As companies grow and expand they are faced with the challenge of effectively and economically operating in a disparate environment. To thrive in today’s dynamic and fast paced business environment, data sharing and integration is required across applications and departments.

Let us take the example of a company XYZ. Company XYZ is a multination company with its offices in all major cities worldwide. Over the years each region has developed its own information system with customized applications based on different databases. With this fragmented data model, the company is faced with an enormous challenge to collaborate and access information across offices. Although each region can provide an accurate read on its piece of the business, to have a global and consolidated view of the company as a whole, all the systems, even though diverse, need to be integrated and work seamlessly. It is not feasible for the company to replace all the existing diverse applications with one application, since this would be too costly and disruptive. Even if this would be possible company XYZ has no control over the applications that its partners use, thus it still has to operate in an environment with diverse systems. In order for company XYZ to be successful it has to be able to quickly, efficiently, and economically access/exchange data with all its offices and partners. This requires the diverse systems to be integrated and work together seamlessly. Essentially the company has to operate in a distributed environment.

Distributed Environment

A distributed environment is a network of disparate systems that seamlessly communicate with each other. Each system in the distributed environment is called a node. The system to which a user is directly connected is called the local system. Any additional systems accessed by this user are called remote systems.

A distributed environment allows applications to access/exchange data from the...

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