distressed child

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I love you so much, but you make me so angry almost all the time. it’s like no matter what I try to say or do, it just isn’t good enough for you or what you keep telling me, God. I feel like you’re always trying to make me feel guilty talking about “do you think God thinks this is okay?” or “I will leave you in God’s hands now because I can’t do this anymore.” I understand that you feel like I need to get back into church and get more closer to God, and that I need more religion in my life. But I don’t need bible study, I don’t need to go to church, I don’t need to pray 24/7 to know in my heart how strong my faith is and that I love my Lord and Jesus Christ. I know there is God and a heaven. It’s sad that you convinced yourself so good that I don’t know the bible, and what’s in it.

I know what I feel, think, do, etch. But you don’t and that’s why we bump heads so much. You think you know exactly how I feel at times. You think you know what I’m going through being a 16 year old girl right now just because you remember being my age. BUT YOU DON’T. You don’t know how it is growing up in my generation where cell phones is the best source of communication among my age group, where social media is a great way for us to have another source of communication. For us to get reconnected to those we’ve thought we lost, and to gain new relationships. You don’t understand the way we talk to one another. I really just want my phone back. please it helps me feel like I am normal, that I am a growing teenager. But no matter what I say you just come to the conclusion that I have problems, or you say I’m lonely, sad, and very depressed. BUT I’M NOT so please stop telling me how I am because YOU ARE NOT ME! Yes I am very angry at you. I think you have your own inner demons to deal with and thinking I have inner demons that you pretend you know or can help solve is only making yours even worse. the more you try and dig into me, the more it makes me push you away. I’m one of...
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