Topics: Bumper sticker, Bicycle, Automobile Pages: 3 (1217 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Virginia Bresko
Creative Writing
Exercise 2.4
Mustard Yellow Bug
It was a hot summer day in the middle of July around one o’clock in the afternoon when I finally decided to venture out of the salty sea that has had a hold on me and my board since six o’clock this morning. I step out of the sea and onto the sand of Honolua Bay, one of the top surfing spots in Hawaii. The sand was warm and with each step absorbed my sea wrinkled toes while the breeze made its way through my blonde tangled hair. I set my board down and pulled on my jean shorts over my bikini and grabbed my bag. As I was making my way over to my lonely bicycle, a beat up car caught my eye. This car was settled under a palm tree tucked away from the afternoons blistering sun. It was an old 1960 VW bug with worn out mustard yellow paint. For a car of its age it was in pretty good shape except for the smallest ding in the driver’s side door. I walked all around the car to further examine the uniqueness of it and stopped when I reached the rear right side bumper. I found a bumper sticker that looked as if it was only a year old with a very eye grabbing saying. “Surfing is very much like making love. It always feels good, no matter how many times you’ve done it.” I was curious about whose car this may be and decided to investigate. I put my board down on the pavement warmed with the sun’s rays and made my way over to the driver side door. I was cautious when I began to open the door and looked around casually to see if anyone was coming. When I found no one in sight I gently opened the door as if it were going to break the second I touched it because of its age. To my surprise the car was kept very clean, it had the smell of coconut sex wax and salt water. The seats were white soft leather and had a plastic pink and orange lei hanging from the rear view mirror that had collected dust from previous years of being untouched. I was hesitant but eventually decided to open the glove box....
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