Distrbution of Haldirams Products with Reference to Nagpur City

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The main purpose of this presentation is to overview the principles and methods related to arket Research followed by Research project Implementation, Interpretation of Findings and Drawing up of a Typical Research report. Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. The marketing concept requires that customer satisfaction rather than profit maximization be the goal of an organization. In other words, the organization should be consumer oriented and should try to understand consumers requirements and satisfy them quickly and efficiently, in ways that are beneficial to both the consumer and the organization. This means that any organization should try to obtain information on consumer needs and gather marketing intelligence to help satisfy these needs efficiently. DEFINITION OF RESEARCH AND THE RESEARCH PROCESS

Scientific Research can be defined, simply as “The Specification of a problem”, “Gathering,analysing and interpreting information related with the specified problem and reporting the findings to the interested people. Thus, regarding this definition, in any scientific research, the researcher must follow the typical Research Process provided below. MARKETING RESEARCH AND MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS

With the same logic, Marketing Research (MR) rather briefly refers to all types of research activities conducted in the field of marketing within the similar process. Meanwhile the American Marketing Association defines MR, “as the function which links the consumer. Customer and public to the marketer through information that is used to identify and define marketing oppurtunities and problems: refine and evaluate marketing actions, monitor marketing performance and improve understanding of marketing as a process”, MR specifies the information related to these issues, design the methods for collecting information, manages and implements the data collection process, analyzes the data and derives the results and finally communicates the findings and their implications. There are important elements in this definition. MR deals with all phases of both goods and services marketing. It involves the application of research techniques to the solution of marketing problems of any sort, be they planning, problem solving, or control issues. The definition indicates that MR links the organization with its market environment. In addition to its role in the actual collection of data and their analysis, it plays an important role for the implications of what the collected information suggests. Therefore for MR to be effective it should be relevant, timely, efficient, accurate and ethical. Shortly, Market Research examines the products, the consumers, prices and conditions of price determination, the market place, market structure and market size. Market Research involves the investigation and identification of sales conditions and the potential of a given product, in relation to a given profile of consumers, in a defined area. MR on the other hand ,involves the determination of the marketing strategy to enter the market that had been previously examined. We have to establish a marketing policy based. On the information collected in market research. For example,

* What will be the prices of our products?
* How shall we organize marketing channels?
* What marketing policies are followed by marketing?

These questions could be answered by the marketing policy. Meanwhile, in most cases market and marketing research are interrelated and being interchangeably, Indeed, MR displays great importance throughout the entire marketing process and more particularly in the marketing management process. If we compare marketing to a long TRAIN with multiple compartments, theMR would justly claim the dual roles of the engine that powers the train...

Bibliography: * “Research Methodology, Methods and Techniques”, by C.R.Kothari, 2nd edition: New Delhi, WishwaPrakashan, 2002.
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