Distracted Driving

Topics: Stop sign, Text messaging, Yield sign Pages: 5 (1348 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Eric Okerblom, 19
Santa Maria, CA

Eric Okerblom got struck from behind while riding his bicycle from a car going about 60 mph while the girl driving was distracted by texting. This situation could have been prevented in many ways. Texting and driving is very dangerous and there are many ways to avoid it. The girl that hit Erik could of waiting till she wasn’t driving to text. It’s so sad to think that Erik’s precious life was taken due to a text message.

Kassy Kerfoot, 18
Meridian, ID

Kassy Kerfoot passed away in an accident from distracted driving. She didn’t have her seatbelt on. She was also texting while driving, looked up and the car in front of her was stopped. Her death could have been prevented in many ways. The number one reason being, if she wasn’t texting and driving she would have saw the car stop in front of her, therefore she wouldn’t of hit it. She also could have had her seatbelt on and maybe walked away with an injury instead of death. It’s unbelievable to think that Kassy lost her life due to a text message.

Brittanie Montgomery, 19
Oklahoma City, OK

Brittanie Montgomery passed away in a very tragic accident. She was wearing her seatbelt, but that still didn’t save her. She was also talking on the phone with her best friend around 1 in the morning after babysitting. She was so into the phone call and not paying attention to driving that she swerved off the road into 4 lanes and got t-boned. This is why you do not talk on the phone while your driving, because even though both hands may be on the wheel you may not be paying attention to the road.

Chelsey Murphy, 19
Naples, FL

Chelsey and her friend were nearly driving a block away to her mother’s house and got hit by an 18 year old on his phone. Chelsey and her unborn baby were killed. She was pregnant and had just gotten the keys to her new apartment. Chelsey drove to her mother’s house to wait for her to get home and help her move along with her friend. This accident could have been prevented if the 18 year old that hit was not on his phone. It’s amazing how something can happen when you’re driving not even a block away.

Casey Feldman, 21
Springfield, PA

Casey Feldman was minding her own business one day when shortly after she got hit and killed by a vehicle running a red light. Casey was walking in the crosswalk and was hit and killed by a man that was distracted driving. The man driving looked down for a second and it was already too late. If he had been keeping his eyes on the road he would’ve stopped at the light and not hit and killed Casey.

Alison Holden
Washington, DC

Alison was just driving a long the road and was struck behind from another car. Right before the accident she was just thinking to herself what a nice day it was and just enjoying life. Shortly after she was hit from a car behind that was distracted driving. This accident could have been prevented if the car driving behind her would have not been texting and watching the road. To this day Alison is still facing brain damage because of the accident.

John Slighting, 56
Round Lake Beach, IL

John Slighting was riding on his motorcycle with his riding gear and helmet and was hit by a car that did a rolling stop through a stop sign. Come to find out she was talking to her mother on the phone. If the lady that hit him wasn’t talking on the phone she may have been more aware of John on the motorcycle. Also if she would have made a complete stop at the stop sign it could have avoided the accident. Watching this video made me realize that I need to be more aware of my surroundings while I drive.

Kelson Vailliancourt, 21
Huron, SD

Kelson Vailliancourt was on an internship. His intern and him were driving to a field to count birds for a project and failed to yield at a yield sign. Causing a semi truck driver to hit them. Kelson ended up passing away. This situation could have been prevented in many ways. If his intern would have yielded at the...
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