Distinctions between Casting Ball and Forging Ball

Topics: Steel, Metallurgy, Alloy Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Ball mill ball can be divided into two types: casting steel ball (by casting and melting procedure) and forging steel ball (by forging process), according to the manufacturing operation. Compared to forging steel balls, casting steel balls has some priorities:

1) High hardness: alloying elements with reasonable proportion, adding rare element (like Mn, Cr), controlling content of chrome (chrome content is 10% minimum and carbon content is 1.8% to 3.2% of high chromium alloyed casting ball), and improving delay resistance greatly. By high temperature heating system, the highest temperature can reach 1550℃. By quenching and tempering process, HRC can reach can reach 58 minimum according to national standard. Only by heating system, the HRC of forging ball is 56 in surface with inner HRC 30. High hardness enhances the falling times and impact toughness of ball mill ball, so reducing the breakage rate of ball mill ball.

2) Both for dry and wet ball mill: In general, casting steel ball is a kind of heat-resisting ball, used for dry mill such as cement plant and it is also a kind of corrosion-resisting ball, used for wet mill.

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