Distance Between Us

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The Distance Between Us Essay

In the memoir, “The Distance Between Us,” by Reyna Grande, Reyna explains how her and her three siblings managed to grow up without any parents. Mago, Carlos, Reyna and their new sister, Betty, all live a rough life without any real type of love from their parents so they have to rely on each other for guidance and support. The four Grande children formed a special bond over the years that they will not leave anyone behind. Each character in the memoir contributes significant personality traits that help the others cope with their current situation.

First, one of the oldest Grande child, Mago, who is caring, courageous, develops leadership amongst everyone and is capable of being a good mother at such a young age. Mago’s mother left her with a huge responsibility to be “their little mother” (12). Mago was stripped of her childhood and forced to mature up. Mago molded Carlos and Reyna into who they are today because of the absence of their mother when they were younger. When she found out the news about the new baby coming, she quickly said, “they’re replacing us”(33). Mago wasn’t please with her mom new baby because she told her mom. Carlos and Reyna believes Mago portrays a much more better mom than their real mom.

Following by Carlos, the second oldest who has a great sense of humor and has ambition to support his sisters. Carlos may not have been the bravest, but he did the best he can to support his sisters when they needed it most. When his sister, Mago, was feeling down, “he tried to make Mago laigh by telling us his favorite jokes about a boy named Pepito” (38), Carlos was sad when his mother left and Mago was there to support and encourage him to not be sad over it. Reyna always encouraged Carlos to do his best in whatever he was doing. Over the months, Carlos sacrificed himself and lost connection with his sisters because he was always gone with a male guardian doing labor just to support his siblings. Carlos...
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