Dissertation proposal

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Dissertation Proposal
A dissertation is a complex and extensive piece of research which a student is required to produce towards obtaining an academic degree. A dissertation proposal structures the multiple chapters through which a researcher is required to develop a clear and comprehensive argument in response to an initially set research question, objectives and proposition. Prior to writing their dissertation, students are usually required to develop a dissertation proposal. The purpose of this proposal is to clearly outline the research topic and objectives, literature review, research methodologies and approach to findings analysis which would comprise your dissertation experience. A-Mentor is experienced in the development and mentoring of assignment outlines and we are confident in the positive contribution we can make to your dissertation proposal. This is the reason why, due to high demand from students, we have a fully dedicated services on helping with the writing of your proposal.      Research Topic   

Before starting with your dissertation and even before approaching your dissertation proposal you need to focus on setting your research topic. Well, this is what makes students most worried, how do you find the most suitable topic? For many years in the field of academia and education, we have heard an array of different tutors’ recommendations on how to choose a topic for a dissertation proposal. Our recommendation is for you to listen to your instincts and choose a topic which really excites you. After all, you will spend a lot of hours on your dissertation and therefore the time spent needs to be enjoyable. We can help you with choosing the right topic for your dissertation proposal. Just contact us and you will soon how well we can contribute to the writing of your dissertation. Research Aim

Another important thought which you need to keep in mind when choosing your research topic for your proposal is the area you are interested in developing...
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