Disrupting the Status Quo Essay

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Disrupting the Status Quo Essay

Transformational leadership is a leadership that would bring changes in the followers within the organization. These changes can have a positive effect on the followers which in term could develop them into great leaders. Within the school system that I am apart of, the schools can no longer depend solely on the designated building administrator to sufficiently manage the academic and supervisory duties entailed in running an effective and efficient operation. Teachers are leaders within and beyond their classrooms. They know what is actually going on with student learning, what is happening in their classrooms, and have the most direct and frequent contact with parents. These roles are most meaningful though when the teacher is able to become a transformational leader and assist the school in becoming a learning organization. There are a few challenges that my school (youth facility) and I faces everyday. Dealing with these challenges can be a difficulty task. These challenges are student behavior, test scores, and motivating students.

One challenge we face everyday is student behavior. General management of all issues in the my school impacts the behavior situation. My current professional development as a teacher is that I identify the root of the student's behavior in order to redirect the student in a positive way. Additionally, I establishes myself as the authoritarian setting ground rules and consequences for breaking them. Finally, I pull the student aside after class and discuss his/her behavior. Within my school, if students are still misbehaving, my principal will get involve and handle the situation.

Another challenge we face everyday is student's test scores. Test scores are very important in our school system because they determine which school is performing at the level of acceptance. Teachers are also being held accountable for student's test scores. My current professional development as a...
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