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Topics: Conservatism, Liberalism, Centre-right Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Compare these Sources as evidence for the views of Disraeli on extending the right to vote. [30] The two sources have similarities in content and context. Both extracts are taken from speeches made to Parliament by Disraeli and both discuss the matter of electoral reform. In his speech in 1865, Disraeli infers that he believes reform should only be introduced ‘if the opportunity was favourable’ and if it were a ‘necessity’. In addition, he stresses that only the ‘middle class electorate’ should be increase rather than the poorer ‘working man’. From Disraeli’s speech in 1865 it can be inferred that he is not a genuine believer in extending the franchise, but believes it ‘possible’, if public pressure deemed it so. Similarly, in 1867, he now realises that demand for reform has increased and therefore it is now ‘desirable’ to introduce an act as a benefit for his party. Disraeli emphasises that his act would not enfranchise more than the previous Liberal Bill, this is an indication that his intentions are not to increase the electorate substantially. In both sources Disraeli is cautious not to commit himself, and appears concerned to keep the right to vote as a ‘privilege’ by excluding the working class with certain restrictions.The sources differ in Disraeli’s belief in reform, which is most likely caused by increased public pressure. In 1865 he is more conservative in his approach and cautious about giving the vote to the working class, and instead prefers to increase the middle class electorate, with the vote being maintained a ‘privilege’ rather than a ‘right’. At the time it seems that Disraeli would only consider reform if it was a ‘necessity’. In comparison, in 1867 he now has introduced his own Bill, which will increase the electorate substantially by including Borough Household Suffrage. When compared to what he had suggested in 1865, this is a far more Liberal act by Disraeli, and shows his reaction to the change in public pressure. The...
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