Disorder of America’s Eating Habits

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Why is America really obese compared to other countries around the world? The problem with America’s eating disorder is that we usually believe in the fad diets in order to really lose weight. Why are American's so obese compared to other countries around the world? What is the real truth behind the situation? Society is also a giant exploitation of getting into people’s heads in order for them to believe that being a “size 0” is really what everyone needs to be. I believe that these fad diets don’t make any sense and clearly you can lose weight by eating three healthy meals in a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two healthy snacks such as a piece of fruit as well as exercising in order to maintain a healthy diet. The way society is now a day it really changes the prospective of how our mind set really needs to be when in reality, we should focus on what is best for ourselves rather than what is best for everyone else when it comes to our bodies. Unless it is doctor recommended for health reasons, we, the people, need to be able to take control of our selves, appreciate our size, our bodies, and our minds instead of believing whatever society wants us to really believe. In this research outline paper, I am going to explain to you the hard dirty facts of truth behind the glorified curtain of the food and obesity matter.

Let’s face it! Dieting just doesn’t work and it can hurt your body in many ways if you do the so called “fad dieting” that our society always like to bring to our attention in order for them to make profit in the long run. To get a real good result in order to lose weight you must eat three meals a day, snack maybe two times a day and get regular exercise. If you stop eating altogether, it is extremely bad for your body because you are starving your body and making any food that you process later just turn into fat. When you eat meals just minimize what you are eating and don’t eat fatty foods. It’s as simple as that but not everyone can tame back there food cravings for those fatty Twinkies and fried foods. In order to tame back those food cravings what you need to do is just make sure you drink plenty of water. Sometimes, we don’t realize it but it’s not that we are actually hungry, it’s that our body is dehydrated causing us to think we must need food in order to stop what our body is really craving. “The fluids that flow through our body are what create our level of well being. The human body is a water machine, designed to run primarily on water and minerals. By weight our body is about 72% water, another 8% is a combination of chemical compounds and the remaining 20% is bone and solid tissue.” Because of this our body needs water to run at all times.

“In North America, women are given the message at a very young age that in order to be happy and successful, they must be thin.” Why is that most of you must ask? I would like to think it is because of society that shows its ugly side to us all. The magazines, models, TV commercials as well as TV shows, movies, all have a strong impact to our countries’ society. We want to be just like them because if we are pretty and thin that is what will supposedly make us happy and make everyone love us? What world do we really live in anymore? What happened to personality, the given right to obtain a normal conversation by telephone and not texting. It’s all the way the world spins round and round. One of my favorite quotes from Marilyn Monroe is “To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.” It is a very inspirational quote to me due to the fact of it being so truthful. “Next time you decide that you are going to start another diet because you feel you are too fat, stop, sign up for a self-esteem class instead. That would be money well spent. If we learn to love and accept ourselves, we will also begin to love our bodies, no matter what size we are.”


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