“Disobedience as a Physiological and Moral Problem, ”

Topics: Human, Hasty generalization, Writing Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: October 13, 2008
“Disobedience as a Physiological and Moral Problem,” ,” is written by Erich Fromm and in his 1963 essay Fromm argues that obedience is the virtue and disobedience the vice. (Fromm 403). Fromm sees disobedience as a vital to our society and that blind obedience is bad, and he uses many examples to try to convince us of this belief. I believe that Fromm has some very good points and makes a strong argument. I agree with many of the main points he makes and his appeal to those are used great in his passage. Although Fromm wrote this essay just after the Cuban missile crisis, so many of the hasty generalizations and false analogies he uses is because of the time period he wrote it in. Although after the 9/11 attack, the threat of terrorists acquiring and using nuclear weapons against the U. S. seems very real, making Fromm as pertinent today as when he wrote this more than 40 years ago ( Behrens and Rosen 402). Fromm (1900 – 1980) was an American psychoanalyst best known for his application of psychoanalytic theory to social and cultural probes. He was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and educated at the universities of Heidelberg and Munich and at Psychoanalytic Institute in Berlin. Some critics argue that if you follow his argument to the logical conclusion, you will have anarchy. Then you also have the religious people that are saying when one follows a

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moral pattern of life, whether they are obeying or disobeying (legit or bogus) authorities are beside the point. What matters, is if they are doing the right thing. Fromm explains his views by first examining the fact that across many different cultures, there is a common belief that human life as we know it began with an act of disobedience. He cites the examples of Adam and Eve and the Original Sin, and Prometheus theft of fire from the gods of ancient Greek mythology (Fromm 402, 403). He also thinks that human development advanced through acts of disobedience. Fromm...
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