Disney Princess Analyzation

Topics: Disney Princess, Aurora, Cinderella Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: March 26, 2014
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Disney Princesses Will Be Our Downfall

The Truth behind the “magical” world of Disney.
By Madison Smith- Property of DMHS Wolf'sprint
Although numerous celebrities have tried to compete, there is no denying that the only women that have remained every girl’s role model since the days of light-up sneakers are the Disney princesses. They have shiny, quaffed hair, elegant ball gowns, and unnaturally perfect smiles without awkward middle school head-gear (it glimmered in its own way…). So, how can it be that five animated women came to dominate every single, squishy girl soul from the ages zero to one hundred? Deception. Of course you never noticed when you were little because you were too focused on coloring inside the lines, but the Disney Princesses we grew up on, the REAL Disney princesses, are just the opposite of role models for women in society today. Bippity- Boppity- Blasphemy

Poor Cinderella created every single feaux blonde in the school roaming the halls for her “prince charming”. Guess what? A boy who has a foot fetish is most likely not your type… Since when has judging a person on their outer appearance every lead to a happy ever after? After one little glance, Cinderella decides she loves Prince Charming (he must use Axe hair products), and Prince Charming decides he loves Cinderella (seriously? I feel like I’m watching “The Bachelor”…). After years of being knee deep in crud and talking to vermin, Cinderella loses her beautiful ball gown and pristine carriage to marry her prince. In essence, do your chores, get yourself a stud, and aspire to do absolutely nothing… “Tricks as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme”

Belle has beauty and intellect, making her the most dangerous of all princesses. At the surface, it would seem that Belle would be every mother’s glory child because she values education and is very family oriented. Belle is locked in a tower because her father was lost in the woods (ladies and gentleman,...
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