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Juliana Grasso
ELA 406-01
26 Feb 20123

Misconceptions of Disney Princesses

I think each and every girl including myself has gone through that “princess phase” at one point or another in our lives. How many of us have used Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty as our role models growing up? The problem is that these princesses are role models of what we shouldn’t be like in real life; they are superficial, they rely on fairy godmothers to solve their problems, and they wait around for princes to save them in their time of need.

M. Bakos and fellow classmates
Disney Princess movies have set off an unrealistic image of life for little girls

Growing up they are little girls goddesses, idols and friends. They are feminine, beautiful, and always end up living happily ever after. But are these beautiful princesses sending off wrong messages to little girls? Ever since the “Disney Princess Franchise” came out in 2000, more and more girls have been taking away ideals that can affect their self-esteem and relationships in the long run. You may not notice it at first but in these movies girls are receiving messages telling them that if they are not pretty they will never find love and live happily ever after. These messages are making it hard for little girls to understand more important vales than that of being superficial.

The first misconception about Disney Princesses is their superficiality. To start off each princess has impossible body proportions and they all possess the same defining traits: pretty, nice hair, and a waist smaller than their head. Now can you imagine any normal person’s waist being smaller than their head? No because that is physically impossible. Not only are the princesses themselves superficial but their whole lives are based on superficiality. As Laura Robinson states “ I have seen, heard, and read more Cinderella renditions than I can possibly count and every Cinderella character seems to have one trait in...
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