Disney Is Not Taking over Childrens Lives - Persuasive Speech

Topics: Princess Fiona, Shrek 2, English-language films Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: October 20, 2005
I strongly disagree with Fowls comments. He believes that Disney is taking over children's lives and that it reinforces a simplistic and narrow view of life. I do not believe that this is correct. Every little girl wants to be a beautiful princess and every boy, a big, strong man, who fights off the bad guys. These are just dreams though and we want to give our youth something to believe in.

I also believe that Disney is only entertainment. If it was half as bad as Fowl has made it out to be, parents that showed these so called bad movies to their children would have realized it already and put a stop to it. The point is that it is up to the parent to show it to their children and yet Disney is still so big and still watched by so many, how can the majority of parents be all be doing the wrong thing by showing it to their children?! They only see their children enjoying it and remember how much they enjoyed it themselves as children and chose to show it to them.

I know for a fact that I and over half of the people in this class grew up watching Disney films and we all understand that life isn't like Finding Nemo where sea animals talk or like in Rapunzel where you can grow your hair so long that your prince charming can climb up it and rescue you from a tall tower but it was fun pretending that it was true. Just like us, our little bothers and sisters, our children and our grandchildren should all be able to watch Disney films in years to come so that they can enjoy watching them and pretending to be them just like we did.

It is ridiculous to believe that young children should be shown the nasty world of drugs, homelessness and abuse like Fowl says. It is awful that some children do grow up surrounded by these things, but other children should only be shown the best parts of life so they know which way of life is the right path to pick. If a child sees an attractive actor or actress using drugs, how will the portray that? Maybe they will see it as, if...
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