Disney: Innocent or Not?

Topics: The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Michael Eisner Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: October 11, 2010
A girl’s voice wakes me up. I look at her cute little face and I see a smile from ear to ear that I have never seen before. I notice she has a movie in her hands while she asks: “Auntie, can we watch this?” My half-asleep self agrees on it just to get her to lower her voice. Before I know it, we are sitting in front of the T.V. watching “The Little Mermaid”.

While my little niece is enjoying her time watching the movie, I find myself bored analyzing every single detail of the picture on the video case. After five minutes of constantly staring at it I find something truly scary: the main castle tower is shaped like a penis! What kind of a person would subliminally mess with little children’s minds like that? After this realization I consider whether I should let this six-year-old girl keep watching the movie.

I quickly grab my laptop and start researching on the possible detrimental effects Disney movies can have on my niece. A few minutes into my research, I find that this instance is not Disney’s only perverse attempt to mess with little boys’ and girls’ minds, so I abruptly stop the movie and tell her I need to study quietly. Although Disney movies incorporate a lot of magic and fantasy, for a child, a Disney movie goes beyond this to actually represent a reality of expectations about their lives and provides a standard of who they should strive to become.

I look up all the Disney movies and the first thing that catches my attention is the princesses and how they are all Caucasian and have hourglass bodies. I start to think about how, inevitably, this must have a big influence on how the little girls who watch these movies come to construct their idea of feminine beauty. I also realize that, unfortunately, this very clear concept of “beauty” will be repeatedly reinforced in almost every single movie she will watch in the future. It is absurd that our society is so obsessed with trying to sell a concept of beauty that is unrealistic and almost...
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