Disney College Program - Magical Internship or Mousecatraz?

The Disney College Program: Is it A Magical Internship or Mousecatraz?

A year and a half ago I packed my bags and drove the stretch to Orlando to officially begin my term in the Disney College Program. Since then I have experienced the behind the scenes side of Disney World, and I have learned what I would consider to be the pros and cons of becoming a Disney cast member. While I would love to believe that life as a Disney employee is nothing but a dream, spending a semester there has opened my eyes to both the magical benefits and also the hard work that it takes to live there. Today I'm going tell you more of what life at Disney consists of and what you can expect in the Disney College Program.
Imagine this: You wake up early in your Orlando hotel room; you’re too excited and nervous to eat because today your program starts. You make your way over to Vista Way Apartments to get a good spot in line, anxious because you’re only hours away from meeting your future roommates and receiving the one thing that has been eating you alive for months – your job assignment! Your semester has barely started, and it’s already nerve-wracking. A term in Disney of course will hold some high expectations. According to the official Disney College program website, As a Disney College Program participant, you'll become part of the magic that is known worldwide. You'll get valuable, on-the-job experience in the parks and resorts, and expand your knowledge in a classroom with international students. Discover new worlds and create long-lasting memories. All of these statements have truth to them, but what you may not know is that the slightest tweak of your expectations can make or break your time there. By the end of the first day, I had 5 new roommates, and I was a new merchandise cast member at one of Disney’s Resorts.
The time I spent from August to December in Orlando was full to the brim with great and incredible memories. These times were the pros of the experience. When you

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