Disney and Masculinity

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Man Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Michelle Barrandey
WMST 113.3004
Professor Sully

Disney and masculinity
today I want to present my project about how Disney films show masucliity in almost all Disney movies and the four types of masculinity.i want to give everyone the idea of how disney have shaped and influenecesx the idea of masculinity,feminisxm and gender roles in young kids . Disney has many films in ehich thy show masuclinyt, feminicism and gender roles and often include violence,sexist relationships, and show dominance to show power. And often many young kids imitate these characteristics and grow up with them and even feel uncomfortable or f eel less than the rest of the young boys when they realizr that they don’t have these characteristics. As we all grew up we remember watching a lot of Disney movies and remember most of the characters and the stories. For young boys there was such films such as lion king,toy story,ect and for young girls there are many princess stories like Cinderella, Pocahontas,little mermaid, etc. but does anybody wonder or think about how Disneys ideas of masculinity have affected the men of today or will affect the man of tomorrow? We often think or remember about the princesses finding their own prince charming and how the male has certain characteristics that show authority and power, well, this one of the many things that Disney have made us believe and we grew up with this idea.but for my project, I wanredto be specific and wanted to focus more on masculimty and the four types of masculinity that Disney uses as well as sexism in films.

I want to start by giving a definition of masculiny, according to Wikipedia, “masculity is a set of qualities, characteristics or roles generally considered typical of, or appropriate to, a man. It can have degrees of comparison: "more masculine", "most masculine'" A male can be admired for having certain characteristics and acting like a man or he can feel responible or even...
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