Topics: Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Disney has quite a list of social values and responsibilities that they believe in and follow. In researching the topic of social responsibilities a lot of websites came up talking about what is important to Disney and what they feel is important to the community. One of the articles that I found was from the Walt Disney Company website on citizen ship. Reading through the article on citizen ship the first thing Disney says is “We believe being a good corporate citizen is the right thing to do: for our consumers and guests, our employees, and our businesses. It makes our company a desirable place to work, reinforces the attractiveness of our brands and entertainment, and strengthens our bonds with families”. For me this is a very powerful statement. After I read this immediately I thought that Disney is different from other companies, they actually care about their employees and that Disney believes in families. Reading more of the article Disney comes out with what they say is their core principals and what their goal is. The goal Disney says they believe in and follow states “Our goal is to achieve exceptional performance by embedding citizenship into all of our daily decisions and actions, guided by three core principles”. The three principals that Disney says they believe in starts with Act. Disney’s definition of Act is “Act and create in an ethical manner and consider the consequences of our decisions on people and the planet”. The next principal is Champion. Being a champion means “Champion the happiness and well-being of kids and families in our endeavors”. The third principal is to inspire “Inspire kids and families to make a lasting, positive change in the world”. What wonderful goals and principals to have and to how nice it is that a company believes in inspiring people to be the best that they can be. If more companies shared Disney’s beliefs, values and principals, think how we could change the negativity that exists in the world now. Think how...
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