Dislikes, Distastes and the Undesired Self.

Topics: Psychology, Motivation, Want Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: October 21, 2008
When talking about marketing, I find that one of the important and interesting topics must be “consumer behaviour”. As Poul Southergate quoted: “A brand is not only a name, logo or graphic device. It is a set of intangible values in the mind of the consumers” . Margaret K. Hogg and Emma N. Banister have in their article: “Dislike, Distastes and the undesired Self: Conceptualising and Exploring the Role of the undesired End State in Consumer Experience” (in the following referred to as DDUS) chosen to put their main focus on the undesired end-state and the undesired self, believing that these aspects have been giving less attention in previous research. I find the article interesting, because of the fact that it deals with the relationship, between the desired and undesired self, which may tell us something about, how individuals use their consumption experiences to define themselves. But how are dislikes, distastes and undesired self defined or explored? And how do we know what to reject, why we reject it, and why simply will not be associated with a particular brand or product? If this “positive end-state”, according to DDUS, depends on dislikes, distastes and on exploring the undesired end-state, which factors, will then give us a clear notion of, what we don’t like and what we don’t want to be a part of? Understanding consumer’s preferences, and understanding the inherent psychological effects and aspects, that are attached to how individuals in the group of 20-30 year olds, use their consumption experiences, to define themselves, was one of my great interest when choosing this article. I believe that this need of self actualisation is very characteristic for this decade and therefore, I find this article extremely motivating, and as a result I have had an interest of analysing it.
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