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Agenda A: Militarisation of the Arctic

Welcome note from the chairperson;

Hello delegates, it is a pleasure to welcome all of you to the IIMUN. Similar to the famed aspects such as international extremism and nuclear warfare, the militarization of the arctic has also proven to be a matter of grave concern to the UN in recent times To many, we have bought this catastrophe upon us, inconsiderate use of natural resources and depletion of the ozone due to constantly increasing forms of pollution. The melting of polar ice caps is the primary reason we face this situation today. The race to occupy unidentified natural resources, huge untouched land masses, and for formations of military strong holds etc, brings about a question whether or not should the arctic be militarized?.That’s the basic question every delegate has to take a stand on and every resolution must answer. Militarization of the arctic will open various new doors for the world, it shall prove to boost economies and strengthen the defenses of many countries however every coin has two sides, the militarization is ought to bring about great unrests and clashing interests thus proving to be a threat on global peace and harmony International co operation is key, the council must come up with reasonable solutions, which shall look to better the global economy and maintain international stability. With Canada, the US, Russia and a number of Nordic countries all pressing to stake their claim in the Arctic - which is likely to develop into an area rich in commerce and natural resources - what should the UN do to mediate. Does anyone nation have a right to what lies under the Arctic ice and, if so, how will it be decided? With the Russian Security Council predicting a war within a decade how best should the UN resolve these issues?

1)General presentation and introduction of the issue.

The Arctic region is one of the most highly disputed areas in recent times. Global warming has taken a great toll on the Earth, effecting issues in the economy, as well as with the melting of polar ice caps, increased hurricanes, etc. Global warming gradually melts the ice sheets causing a progressive opening of the Northwest Passage; which makes Arctic resources available for extraction, Arctic militarization is becoming an increasingly prominent issue. A major challenge to Arctic and global security is the diversity of uncertainties and changes that will alter and change the future of the Arctic ecosystem in the recent times to come. The militarization of the Arctic began during World War II, causing a major rise during the Cold War period, The economies’ necessity for fuel corresponds with the race to claim the Arctic land. Included in the Arctic States are Russia, Canada, Greenland, Norway, and the United States, each seeking to attain supremacy in the region in order to provide for the increasing demand for new energy and mineral sources. Certain areas of the arctic region may prove to be very resourceful when considering a variety of fuels and unprocessed natural commodities. As study indicates, By 2100an average global temperature rise of five and a half degrees is foreseeable. Increasing precipitation, shorter and warmer winters and significant reductions in reflective ice and snow cover are likely to persist for the next few centuries. These trends will contribute to not only rising sea levels, but the warming of the planet as a whole. Rising Arctic temperatures and shorter winters will affect not only the ecosystem, but also Arctic operations. As warming becomes an increasingly significant trend in the Arctic, natural resource extraction and marine activity is likely to escalate. For instance, both commercial and military maritime activity in the Arctic has steadily increased since the late 20th century. The Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA), a 2009 Arctic marine...
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