Disease -Vs- Illness

Topics: Illness, Medicine, Medical terms Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: October 19, 2013
What is Disease? What is Illness?

The words disease and illness are often used interchangeably. They are also confused as being the same thing or similar when actually there are important differences between the two terms. A disease can be described as an abnormality in the body, organs, or systems. Whereas illness is a period of sickness affecting the mind or body. What is the difference between an abnormality and sickness though? Why is it that these definitions sound so similar when in reality there’s a large difference between the ways doctors treat an illness in comparison to a disease? Both diseases and illnesses can be acute or chronic. They are both caused by foreign body pathogens or environmental changes attacking the body. The difference between the two terms is that someone could be experiencing a disease without knowing that they have it. They could mistake their symptoms and signs as a common stomach bug or flu. However, an Illness is associated with a diagnosed label of a certain sickness, which explains the symptomology. In other words you can have a disease without knowing but with an illness, it must be diagnosed in order to exist. With illness comes more mental and physical complications. For example, when one gets diagnosed with a disorder that requires changing an eating pattern or taking treatments, a person could be in denial and refuse to follow what the doctor has instructed. This can lead to seriously detrimental results. Both disease and illnesses cause pain and discomfort. However, a label can bring either relief or distress depending on the individual. Some of the other topics we’ve talked about in class involved social and cultural constructs relating to health and wellness. Just like with anything in the world, the perception of health changes from place to place. Regardless of the labels though, disease and illness is an issue throughout the world. While other places may not have the same diagnoses of the illness, the...
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