Discussion Question Chapter 2

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Discussion Questions Chapter 2 1. Why is it important to understand the different perspectives and approaches to management theory that have evolved throughout the history of organizations?
Management is constantly changing. It changes over time to meet new needs. if we know what happened in the past (WHAT WORK/ WHAT DIDN'T) WE WILL be able to understand the present and plan for the future. Some ideas from the past (stock ownership, open book management) are still relevant to management today. it is also important for us to understand the evolution of management because it allows us to learn from the mistakes made by others, so as not to repeat them and use the success in order to use them at the appropriate time.

2. How do societal forces influence the practice and theory of management? Do you think new management techniques are a response to these forces?
Social forces deal with the society. The people in the society their beliefs, culture and needs. so new management techniques are a response to these factors because management is always evolving to meet new needs of society. 3. Based on your experience at work or school, de-scribe some ways in which the principles of scientific management and bureaucracy are still used in organizations. Do you believe these characteristics will ever cease to be a part of organizational life? Discuss.
Scientific management and bureaucracy are still use in organization today, for example we are still operating in a bureaucratic way when it comes to the education sector in Belize. There is the main boss and we always look up our bosses they are the single authority figure. In system work is assign and authority is clearly defined. 4. A management professor once said that for successful management, studying the present was most important, studying the past was next, and studying the future was least important. Do you agree? Why?
Yes I agree to this statement because if we know what has occurred in the past,

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