Discussion Question Chapter 1

Topics: Law, Mortgage loan, Hunting Pages: 1 (163 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Discussion Question Chapter 1

Three years ago the Darden Corporation bought a thousand acres of land that borders the Potowac River in Washam County. While waiting on development opportunities, Darden cut timber to help repay the mortgage loan it took out to buy the land. On March 2, the Washam County Commission proposed an ordinance to establish a 250 foot wide greenway along the south side of the Potowac that will effectively ban both development and timbering on nearly 80 acres of Darden’s land. The same day in an unrelated accident a Darden truck ran over a hunter who was hunting without permission on the company’s land. Darden immediately contacted an attorney in Washam City 1. What is law?

2. What does it mean to say that Darden has “property” in the land? That the hunter has “property” in himself? 3. What sources of law will the attorney have to understand in order to advise Darden about the proposed greenway. The company’s potential responsibility to the hunter?
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