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Understanding the history of nursing and knowledge of the foundations is so important to our profession. Nursing has been around for hundreds of years, and has developed tremendously over time. It is interesting to me that it was considered “the work of those in the lowest class of society”. Today, I would like to think it is one of the most respected. The nursing timeline is such a great visual as to where we have come from as a whole. This profession was originally fulfilled by men, and now predominately filled by women. It went from being a job that was undesirable and offered no formal education, to an organized profession with degree programs, training, and standards of care. Many different people played a major role in the development of nursing. Florence Nightingale, Isabel Robb, and Mildred Montag are three women whose contributions to nursing, in my opinion, are very significant.

Florence Nightingale is attributed as the “founding mother of modern nursing”. She improved unsanitary conditions, and aided in the reform of military hospitals. Nightingale stressed the importance of a clean environment to promote healing. She emphasized on light, noise, nutrition, air, and water quality. Her revelations would go on to influence the improvements of window ventilation in hospitals. Nightingale spent her life devoted to nursing, and provided compassionate care to the ill. If not for her revolutionizing nursing, who knows where the profession would have gone. To do this day, all new nursing graduates still recite the “Hippocratic Oath”, better known as the “Nightingale Pledge”. Florence Nightingale changed the world’s view on nursing, giving it an honorable name. I contribute my desire to work as a nurse to her.

Isabel Robb was the American Nurse’s Association’s first president. The ANA is such a big influence in the nursing profession. It states that it, “advances the nursing profession by fostering high standards of nursing practice, promoting the...
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