Discussion Question 1 & 2 Week 1

Topics: Ron Jon Surf Shop, SWOT analysis, Film Pages: 4 (1081 words) Published: March 30, 2014
Discussion Questions 1 & 2

The Ron Jon Surf Shop is similar to the Hilo Hattie website is the sense that they both sale beach wear for men, women, and young children. They both are sunny beach wear type online stores to sale retail as well as other products. The web designs are similar in the sense that they use individuals who are happy and joyful to help sale product. They are different because Hilo Hattie is focused around Hawaiian products and clothing styles, whereas Ron Don Surf Shop not only sales clothes but surfing gear and attire.

You can see organizational planning with in the Ron Job Surf Shop through out there website when you go to the “about us” section. It clearly shows that the goals of the company are (to sell clothes and surf products). It tells shoppers they not only do the company sale clothes but that they promote their products through community events, tour groups, and company partners. The site is very well organized so the customers can find which products they are looking for easily and within categories that make the search process much faster. When it comes to staffing you can see the managers have made it so customers can contact their customer service reps if any problem occurs to try and help solve them. This all shows a good control within the contents of the web page but also the company.

Within the Hilo Hattie web page we see they sale clothing and product specific to Hawaiian culture and living. The organization planning is clearly put into their web content. It is very easy to find clothing, and other products throughout the website which means whoever was in charge of setting up the page had a clear goal in mind- to make it as easy as possible for customers. The goal here is also to sale retail products to as many customers as possible. This site also shows the that customer care is important to them and gives customers the chance to contact management if any problem arises with the sales and/or merchandise. This...
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