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Q1) Explain the regulations and requirements for internal quality assurance in own area of practice. 1.4 “Centre staff should familiarise themselves with the structure, content and assessment requirements of the qualifications before designing a course programme. Centres may design course programmes of study in any way which: • best meets the needs and capabilities of their candidates • satisfies the requirements of the qualifications.

When designing and delivering the course programme, centres might wish to incorporate other teaching and learning that is not assessed as part of the qualifications. This might include the following: • literacy, language and/or numeracy

• personal learning and thinking
• personal and social development
• employability
Where applicable, this could involve enabling the candidate to access relevant qualifications covering these skills. Recording forms: Candidates and centers may decide to use a paper-based or electronic method of recording INFORMATION FROM THE CITY & GUILDS WEBSITE – section ‘Quality Assurance’: * Ensuring quality contains updates and good practice exemplars for City & Guilds assessment and policy issues. Specifically, the document contains information on: • Management systems

• Maintaining records
• Assessment
• Internal verification and quality assurance
• External verification
Access to Assessment & Qualifications provides full details of the arrangements that may be made to facilitate access to assessments and qualifications for candidates who are eligible for adjustments in assessment. Policies and procedures: City and Guilds ‘Quality Assurance requirements states the following: “This document encompasses the relevant requirements of the following documents, which apply to all centers working with the City & Guilds of London Institute: * General Conditions of Recognition (November 2012)

* Regulatory Arrangements for the Qualifications and Credit Framework (2008)
* SQA Awarding Body Criteria (2007)
* NVQ Code of Practice (2006)
It’s purpose is to promote quality, consistency, accuracy and fairness in the awarding of all our qualifications. To achieve this you must adopt and implement the principles in this document across all of your qualification provision. To make the principles crystal clear this document: * specifies the quality assurance and control requirements that apply to all centres

* sets out the basis for securing high standards, for all our qualifications. MODERATION: The process of checking assessors’ judgments of learners’ competence with the view to correcting them through advice and instruction if the assessment is not up to standard. These checks are carried out by both Internal Quality Assurers and Consultants. There is also ‘network moderating’ or standardisation, by asking participants to rate model portfolios. NATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS: The standards of occupational competence developed by a Standards Setting Body (SSB) and approved by the regulatory authorities. REGULARITY AUTHORITY - An organisation designated to establish national standards for qualifications and to secure consistent compliance with them, such as Ofqual. The following taken from the Ofqual webpage:

At Ofqual, they are responsible for maintaining standards, improving confidence and distributing information about qualifications and examinations. They regulate general and vocational qualifications in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. They give formal recognition to bodies and organisations that deliver qualifications and assessments. They also accredit their awards and monitor their activities. They are not directly controlled by the government but report to parliament. STANDARDS - Standards of competence statements and specifications which are developed by a Standards Setting Body (SSB). These define what an individual working in an occupational area...
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