Discussion of an Ict Scheme of Work

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EDP361 – Assignment 3

The scheme of work I have chosen to critique consists of 8 lessons on website designing with year 8 students. The scheme I have chosen is to teach the students to design and implement their own website with a sequence of linked web pages. I am going to look into the opportunity for assessment that this scheme of work allows as nothing has been addressed within the unit. The topic I have chosen is one that I have been teaching and observing at my current placement and have seen it be taught to different ability levels. The scheme offers many varied approaches that are present within my current teaching practice and I have seen first hand what kinds of assessments have worked within this topic in comparison to others in year 8. The unit is a follow on from previous topics of ‘information and presentation’ and ‘Public information systems’ which ensures previous understanding of how the internet works and what it is used for. Having previous knowledge in the topic ensures they understand how the internet operates, which will allow this scheme to promote creative thinking and allows students to implement there own ideas into the project (National Curriculum, 2012).

Within the scheme of work there is an ‘Expectations’ section, before the lessons or activities are set out, which is divided into three headings; ‘Most pupils will’, ‘some pupils will not have made so much progress and will’ and ‘some pupils will have progressed further and will’. Dividing the class into these three groups may be difficult since the scheme of work is based on having students work in groups. These expectations seem inaccurate as different abilities may be together either due to numbers within that class or due to the lack of assessment within the scheme. Situations like this could lead to students not being in the best group to aid there specific strengths if they have not been assessed before being put into groups. From my current experience with year 8 students and web design, group work can have a negative and positive affect on the objectives that are trying to be achieved in a lesson. Group work is said to enhance learning, encourage peer learning and peer support (University of Wollongong, 2002.) which would encourage pupils to expand on what they are doing, which can motivate the students (Winchester-Seeto, 2002). Group work can also push other students out of the creation of ideas because other students may be more confident in voicing opinions (Winchester-Seeto, 2002). Teaching standard five is to adapt and respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils, which this scheme does not state how to monitor or provide an approach which would fit the needs of all pupils (Teaching Standards, department of education, 2012). The scheme states the three heading that pupils may fall into but does not provide specific assessment of how this would be classified and how teaching would be adapted to suit different strengths of the students or their ability. The expectations in the scheme provide us with what different students may be aiming towards for their website, which allows the teacher to set goals. Setting aims for the students can challenge them which meet the requirements for teaching standard one (Teaching Standards, department of education, 2012). Allowing students to aim towards a specific goal can motivate them in challenging themselves. This meets the requirements in the national curriculum but assessing the students before placing them in groups depends on how well this meets individual student need and how motivated they will be (National Curriculum, 2012).

Ofsted’s ‘what makes good assessment’ (Ofsted, 2012) states that by having children in groups makes it difficult to assess their progress and monitor which pupils are doing which part of the group work. Using this strategy in the classroom can prove difficult in monitoring how students are doing and can make it hard to meet teaching standard five; ‘Know...

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