discussion, my experience of the education system

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My Personal experience of the education system

Education is crucial to the development of an individual, providing us with knowledge of the world, in preparation for our future. The following essay discuses the importance of the education system, the barriers to learning, and influences through personal experiences. I will explore how the curriculum and teaching methods throughout my education differed, social culture during the school life, and effects of behaviours, taking into account national Legislation, and the perspectives from relevant literature.
Education promotes pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The education system in the UK is divided into early years, primary education, secondary education, and tertiary education. The approaches to teaching and social interaction in all educational establishments would have influenced students learning outcomes. The class sizes during primary education were smaller than secondary, the students were taught by one teacher and had lots of interaction with them. When the students transitioned onto secondary education, the class sizes were larger and the subjects were taught by different subject teachers who they saw for a limited time weekly, potentially reducing the confidence of the learners. During the later key stages of education the curriculum was delivered as a whole class, with the teachers directing the learning process. The students followed instructions, awaited approval and had minimal communication with the other pupils in the class. This proved to be difficult for the students who had no interest in the subject or whom hadn’t formed a relationship with the teacher. Speaking aloud in the class was often required, which sometimes left students feeling humiliated in front of their piers. The teachers often showed high levels of subject knowledge and extra support was available for students who required it.

Classes were influenced by academic levels, teachers, social...
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