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Topics: Human anatomy, Medicine, Physiology Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: February 23, 2012
Moore Discussion Essay 1

The study of Human Anatomy and Physiology is deemed as a "gateway" to a career in Nursing and Allied Health.

Not only is Anatomy and Physiology a gateway into a career in nursing, it’s the only way to get into a nursing program or to even be considered to become a nurse/doctor. Ask any college about their prerequisites for nursing and one of them will most certainly be a passing grade if not a B average in Anatomy and Physiology. Bemidji State University has a page of FAQ’s and one is “What you need to get into nursing” the answer was simply put as “Nursing is a science based program. If you are in high school, helpful courses are sciences, particularly biology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry... If you are a high school graduate and are considering a nursing program, lower division classes essential for most programs include: chemistry, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, nutrition, algebra, lifespan development, English composition, sociology, and psychology” (See Citation 1) Stated right there is saying it is helpful and essential to get into nursing. How this question can be argued that it isn’t a gateway is what I want to know. A nurse works with hurt or sick patience all day. In order to help this person, he/she needs to know every function and part of the human body. There is no way anyone in the medical field can work a day thinking they can get by with minimum knowledge on this course. I found an article in the New England Journal saying “…Anatomy and Physiology I (A&PI) is the gateway course into healthcare careers. Given the country’s growing workforce development needs in this field, it is critical that our first-year students accumulate the requisite body of knowledge in the course to pass it and proceed in their healthcare programs: nursing, radiologic technology, dental hygiene, allied health and so forth.” (See citation 2) My personal reason for going into the medical field is because I am...
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