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Part 1:

Examine the Euler buckling equation and select an appropriate parameter to establish alinear relationship between the buckling load and the length of the strut. Write therelationship below. Based Eular formula and Table 1, 2 and 3, P

= Euler buckling load (N), L = lengthWe can consider that when L is bigger, Pe will be small, relation betweenbuckling load and the length of the strut is inversely proportional in linear condition. 2)

Calculate the value and enter them in
Table 1
with an appropriate title.
Show on Table 1 using formula: ( )

Plot a graph to prove the relationship is linear. Compare your experimental value to thosecalculated from Euler formula by entering a theoretical line onto the graph. Comment onthe result. Graph plotted = In the graph paper.

Base on the graft that we plotted, the difference to the end of the pins for theresults of gradient experiments is 1.46 and the slope of the theoretical calculation resultsof 1.28. Difference to the fixed -pin end of the gradient experiment results were 1.33 and gradient theory results of the calculation is 1.29. In addition, the differences for fixed- fixed end conditions are for the gradient experiment results are 1.25 and theoretical calculations are the result of the slope is 1.25. This experiment result shows that the slopeis greater than the slope of the calculation results. In practice, the buckling of theexperiment is higher than theoretical.


Explain that the Euler Formula can predict the buckling load or not. Euler Formula can predict the buckling load, because the ratio between the Buckling Load (N) and the 1/L² (m) is consistence within the graft, and show accuratelythat inversely proportional as approve at point 0,0 when the length is 0, then the buckling Load should be 0. Part 2:


Plot separate graphs of buckling load versus 1/ L
and calculate the gradient of each line.
Graph Plotted = In Graph Paper.Gradient in...
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