Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Management Pages: 4 (841 words) Published: February 20, 2013
* What competing organizational goals are present in this scenario? * Daniel was clearly not satisfied with Susan's explanation.  What could Susan have done differently to convince Daniel to wait? * Susan indicates that she would tell others in the organization of Daniel's intentions to blow the whistle.  What are the pros and cons of this action?  Explain. * Pass or fail?  Grade Susan on her management skills, techniques, and overall performance.  Explain what she should have done differently or better.  

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Review Test Submission: Learning the Language - Chapter 03
User| Leonard E Moore|
Course| Spring 2013:-0EE-Principles of Management|
Test| Learning the Language - Chapter 03|
Started| 2/7/13 7:56 PM|
Submitted| 2/7/13 7:56 PM|
Status| Completed|
Score| 0 out of 0 points  |
Time Elapsed| 0 minute.|
Instructions| |
* Question 1
0 out of 0 points
| |
| Match the term with its definition.  Not all terms will be used.Answer| | | | | Question| Correct Match| Selected Match|
Act establishing requirements for proper financial record keeping for public companies and penalties for noncompliance.|  B. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002|    [None Given]| One of the four approaches to solving ethical dilemmas by which ethical behavior is guided by respect for impartial standards of fairness and equity.|  P. justice approach|    [None Given]| General economic conditions and trends such as...
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