Discussing the Development of Boy Band History in Western Countries

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With the interest of listen to the music of boy bands. I stared to think of how dose this kind of singing group form. Also, because not only boy bands, there are lots of singing groups like choirs, girls groups, and operatic groups etc. I always question how do they become popular in the worldwide music industry. In this paper, I will discus the development of boy band history in western countries. Although the term ‘Boy Band’ was yet to be established before the late 1980s in the western world, various kinds of male singing groups had existed. They appeared in the form of male choir, male a cappella groups and male vocal groups etc. It is believed that ‘Boy Band’ was stem from these kinds of male performing groups. The word boy band is now widely defined as the male vocal groups, which formed by two or more idols with age below 30. They usually don’t play music instruments neither in the song recording nor the performing session. They sing R&B, pop and soul music etc. Boy band grew in popularity to their peak between the 1940s and 2000s with groups. That is the period from The Beatles to Westlife.[1] First of all, to discus the development of male idol groups in the 2000s century. Although the word ‘boy band’ in the 1980s had yet to be established, some male singing groups looked like boy bands were already existed. Various outstanding male idol groups like The Osmonds(1958), The Beatles (1960), The beach Boys(1961), The Jackson 5(1964), The Monkees(1966), and The rolling stones etc. were the examples of famous male idol groups in the western world. For instant, The Jackson 5, later known The Jacksons which formed by the back brothers was a very famous American pop male idol group with 5 members included Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson and Michael Jackson. The Jacksons had sold over 100 million albums worldwide which obtained a huge commercial success among the western music industry. The aspect of place of origin, music style, and target marketplace of The Jacksons can be discussed to examine its success. First, by the turn of the twentieth century, New York City had become the artistic and cultural center of America. Under the rise of American popular styles in the western countries during the World War I, the American popular music style had been disseminated throughout the west.[2] As a result, the form of male idol group had been introduced to the western world and had become popular very soon. The Jacksons, which was popularized in the Americans, could then become the international male idol group since the above phenomenon. Second, Like other pop male idol groups from the America, The Jacksons sang R&B, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, pop, and disco music. The most memorable songs of The Jacksons would be ‘I Want You Back’ which is a pop song, ‘I’ll Be There’ which is the soul song, and ‘Dancing Machine’ which is the fix of pop and R&B song. The Jacksons followed the trend of the American popular music style (sang soul, pop, R&B etc.) so that their songs hit many number ones in the America music industry. Third, The Jacksons targeted at all audience, especially the teenage girls, witnessing the group image and the content of the songs. When concerning the group image of The Jacksons, since it was composed by The Jacksons, they also knew as the family band at that period. They give a sense of harmony and happiness. This made it welcomed to the group of families. Moreover, when consider its content of songs, it was obvious that they were targeting at the young girls. For instance, the song ‘All I Do Is Think Of You’ was talked about a love story happened at school that a loved girl was thought about by a boy. Lyrics like ‘All I do is think of you day and night, that's all I do’, ‘Baby I can't get you off my mind’, ‘Hey, I'm in love with you’ and ‘Oh, won't you please, please be mine’ etc. Doubtless, teenage girls made up the largest portions of the audience at all time, The Jacksons have...

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