Discuss the Ways in Which Way Value Judgments Should and Should Not Be Used in Different Areas of Knowledge.

Topics: Science, Truth, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1425 words) Published: January 2, 2007
Values, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, are principles, standards, or qualities considered worthwhile or desirable by a human being. One's values may not, however, be worthwhile or desirable by others in general or by all in some cases. For example the values of one Adolf Hitler were of a most distressing quality. Despite this his beliefs in the moral, physical, and mental superiority of his so-called "Arian" race were upheld by millions of Germans yet completely despised by the rest of the world. Judgments based on values must only be used in the Emotion based Areas of Knowledge, such as The Arts and Ethics, but must not be used in Areas of Knowledge based on Reason, this includes the Sciences, History and Mathematics.

The Emotion based Areas of Knowledge are comprised of The Arts and Ethics and in these fields good work is defined by its base, Emotion. Emotion is probably one of hardest Ways of Knowing to comprehend and perhaps to define in this context. To know by Emotion is to feel through the heart and use that a basis of your beliefs. An example of this is seen in former president Hoover and his efforts to help impoverished Polish people after the First World War This charity that he showed reflected his political belief that only private organizations and individuals should show charity, not the government. Although laissez-faire political beliefs seem and unlikely candidate for Knowledge based on Emotion it is justified in that it portrayed a world in which many individuals would do what Hoover did, assist folks in need. This does not, however, contrast with a belief on the complete opposite of the political spectrum, that of socialism, and the complete opposite of Hoover, Franklin Delanor Roosevelt (FDR) and his New Deal philosophy. Roosevelt wanted to ensure the security and well-being of his fellow people and did so from the bottom of his heart. Although his measures were somewhat extreme, they were working, and this is seen through federal...
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