Discuss the role of language in relatio

Topics: Sociology, Social constructionism, Reality Pages: 6 (1032 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Discuss the role of language in relation to the construction of social reality. The focus of your essay may be on ONE only of the following topics; the banking crisis, war, human sexuality, patriarchy, psychological language. Talk about The power and role language has and its relationship to social reality and also link to patriarchy.

Not to use in essay. Just to get a better understanding.If so paraphrase. E.g. Chomsky (1982) argued that…..
or Research has reliably demonstrated that complex language is universal (Chomsky, 1982). Reality/perception-discourse
Linguistic relaitivity –when you speak a difference language you have a different perception relative-knowing a word gives you that extra procesision Language is used as a tool to valitidate the state of society Language is used to sustain inequality

language is a factor in the generation of social realities.
language mediates our sense of reality.
Feminists have long argued that the English language is littered with male-dominant expression What can and cannot be socially constructed
Social Reality
For Searle,-look up and find reference language was the key to the formation of social reality because “language is precisely designed to be a self-identifying category of institutional facts” - a system of publicly and widely accepted symbols which “persist through time independently of the urges and inclinations of the participants.” Virility refers to any of a wide range of masculine characteristics viewed positively. It is not applicable to women or to negative characteristics. Social reality is the "universe" of socially constructed knowledge created by virtue of our social interactions. Social reality is grounded in our behavior, our languages, our culture and our institutional practices and colors almost all of our perception. Although it is largely the consequence of our shared inter-subjective practices, we nevertheless occupy it largely without ever becoming explicitly aware of its contingent and constructed nature. Reality is only what we percieve it to be, there is no absolute reality/truth etc, much of how we experience it is structured by society or how we have been taught to experience the world and engage with in daily.

Our reality is also a complicated negotiation. What is real depends on what is socially acceptable. Most social interactions involve some acceptance of what’s going on. While we participate in the construction of reality, it’s not entirely a product of our own doing Social construction of reality is based on the concept that events are open to interpretation Because interpretations differ a common base of communication must be found. This common base is known as social reality and is developed based on the most common interpretation of physical reality within a society. Language goes beyond the sounds we make

Language is so powerful it structures reality it has the ability to make us perceive others on a different light Language is transparent, it’s a construction, its fluid, passive, mirrors reality. Discursive psychology-you are born into a language and told who you are Identity discourse-that discourse you use has an effect on the perception of the world and reality. Sexism created by discourse

If we change discourse we can change people’s thinking.
Reality Is a social contruct-it disputes there is a reality out there Language is hand in hand with reality
Language mediates reality
We use language to create ideas in the mind of other people.

When considering ‘language & power’ one needs to distinguish public power vs. personal power.
• Public power is the ability to shape public opinion, and thus to change or maintain the social reality.
• Public power is controlled by institutions, but also by more vaguely defined ideological collectives.
• Personal power is the ability to change or maintain one’s local social reality. • Personal power stems from social roles, social relationships, and personal language...
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