Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages

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Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages for men and for women, of being single (=unmarried, unattached). Are these different in different countries?

It is a common saying that if someone is being single, that people is a loser. However, there are a lot of people keen on being single even if someone who is married or attached for the advantages of being single. It should not be taken granted that every single people are loser or having good life. For people come from different countries, there is a questionnaire showed that the attitude of being single are similar for British, Brazilian and Chinese. In the questionnaire, thirty people(three Chinese, five Brazilians and twenty-two British) were asked some question about being single. The percentage of data is similar (Tang et al.). It is not only the reason why data statistics became very easy but also shows that in different countries, the relative advantages and disadvantages are similar in different countries. In the other hand, the number of men and women are the same in this questionnaire. As a result, the conception is also familiar for men and women about being single. In this questionnaire, twelve people thought that the best advantage of being single is freedom. It is hard to keep relationship long for people who do not want to feel stressed. And they would not be forbidden to have more friends. Compared with someone who is married or attached, single people, even the older ones—are much more likely to spend time with friends and neighbours. A study conducted by Cornell sociologist found that from 2000 to 2008 those over the age of 35 who lived with a spouse or partner were less likely to spend an evening socializing with friends than those who didn’t. (Cornwell 2010) For those people who prefer working or developing hobby rather than keeping relationship(12 of 30 people in the questionnaire)(Tang et al.). ‘A lot of younger people are staying single longer so they can focus on their careers. They want to establish themselves and become a happy, successful person before having a serious relationship.’(Krueger 2014) The right to privacy encompasses the right to protection of a person's intimacy, identity, name, gender, honour, dignity, appearance, feelings and sexual orientation and extends to the home, the family and correspondence. The right to privacy may be limited in the interests of others and under specific conditions, provided that the interference is not arbitrary or unlawful. ( Winters 2004). However, the meaning of privacy is not the same as logical thinking at all. That is the reason why a group of people prefer to be single in order to protect their personal privacy. Privacy can be efficient even when there is no “taste” for privacy per se , and to be effective, a privacy policy may need to ban information transmission or use rather than simply assign individuals control rights to their personally identifiable data.( Hermalin,  Katz 2006). Although there are a lot of advantages for being single. However, there are still a large number of disadvantages need to be considered. In the questionnaire, it shows that most series problem is loneliness(18 people in 30 totally). Moustakas considers loneliness in two ways, the first being existential loneliness which is undoubted a part of human experience and valuable for self-understanding. His second point of view about loneliness is that of self-alienation and rejection which is not a loneliness but a interrupt to the integrity of the individual and produce a vague and disturbing anxiety (Moustakas 1961). These problems are simple for people to think about immediately. Therefore, there are some further problems that grievous and not so easy to be found. Desire for intimate relationships, and concern about the situation of one’s relationships, is a standard human process. (Spielmann, 2013) Human will be died out without propagate. A limited amount of people who keep single is good for suitable...

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