Discuss The Main Causes And Effects Of Gun Crime In The USA

Topics: United States, Firearm, U.S. state Pages: 1 (578 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Discuss the main causes and effects of gun crime in the USA? In recent years gun crime has been recognized by the American government as a serious issue In United States. In the USA the most recent insights from the FBI reported that the quantity of killings by gun expanded in 2012 - putting an end to four sequential years of declining numbers. This problem could lead to serious living safe consequences for these people living in the US. In order to solve it, the reasons for it must be understood. Therefore this essay will consider the main causes and effects of this problem in American. The gun crime is actually threatening the American people safety. It according to research by gunpolicy.org reported that the evaluated aggregate number of firearms (both licit and unlawful) held by regular people in the United States is 270,000,000 to 310,000,000. The main cause of the gun crime is the gun ownership. The gun owning rate in USA is too high. USA has 88 firearms per 100 people. More guns mean more crime and death. In the USA, the highest gun ownership rate. On the contrary, Japan had a pretty low gun ownership rate. Why American people own many guns? Because most of American people think that guns can make them country safety. However, the USA, with the most firearms every head in the world, has the most astounding rate of death from guns, while Japan, which has the least rate of firearm ownership, has the least. So not the more gun people owed, the society more safety. The government should not only control the gun owning rate but also should educated citizen how to use the gun to protect themselves instead of hurting others. For example, In California, ONS (the Office of Neighborhood Safety), a test mentorship system acquainted with the city quite a while back in a frantic offer to stem the stream of shooting deaths trying to reduce the gun crime in California. The ONS trying to find somewhere to help people who like using gun to shoot gat out of the gun crime...
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