Discuss the Important of Censorship in Media

Topics: Censorship, Obscenity, Freedom of speech Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: July 30, 2012

What is censorship? Censorship can be defined as a control over an ideas or information circulated among people. Censorship in media is to examine the information on the media in order to suppress or delete anything that considered objectionable. Some common ways in which censorship is enforced are bleeping the words, blocking of images and so on. Censorship of media is practicing all over the countries of the world as it is important.

Firstly, media censorship prevents children from violence, sex and pornography. Children at their young age like to mimic whatever they see and they do not know how to differentiate between right and wrong. When they constantly exposed to the violence contents in the television programs or the abusive and obscene language, children will follow it and tend to be aggressive or easily get into juvenile delinquency. It is because children are frequently exposed to the media such as television and internet. With the help of censorship, those negative information will be deleted and the exposed of children toward negative things will be decreases. Thus, children can be protected from negative value and immoral action.

Besides, censorship in media is necessary to prevent conflict happen between different races and religious especially in Malaysia which has many people with different skin colour. Censorship will plays its role in considering the topic that is sensitive like movie tell about racism or a talk that attack some other religion. Censor will filter all the content that will affect the harmonic between the societies before spread it out.

Furthermore, censorship in media can ensure the security of the nation. For instance, Wiki Leaks on the internet that leak out a lot of scandal of politician and those rich or with power. It is also included the critic among nation. These have created a big trouble and chaos on the society. Actually, that information on Wiki Leaks has...
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